Under PSC division, we have our own private cloud ET-CUMULUS, located at one of the world’s best Data Centres. On this are hosted our following software, developed fully in-house :

  • CyberChek : This is a CTS product for banks.  CyberChek enables cheques to be processed by their scanned image.
  • ContentMaster : CM helps organizations to digitize all their paper documents to be accessed as per permissions defined by the customer, and store them in ET-CUMULUS to be accessed from anywhere on a 24×7 basis.
  • ELVIS : This is a state-of-the-art Campus Automation product which can not just enable educational institutions to automate all their processes and scale into the digital era with ease, but also empowers institutions to climb up to being Digital Universities.
  • YANTRA : YANTRA enables manufacturing organisations to automate their manufacturing processes and define performance parameters for machines and their operators using mobile phones or smart devices on an anywhere-anytime basis.  We are integrating IOT into YANTRA in order to achieve Industry 4.0 standards.