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Productivity Enhancement Solution (PES)

In this division we focus on workflow and process automation, BPR, BPM and case management solution.

Here we also have our banking solution products for cheque payment processing using CTS called CYBER CHEK.

In PES we also have an EDMS (Electronic Document Management product) called CONTENT MASTER and a workflow product called FLOW MASTER. All these products are based on latest in technology and open source based.

We have made all the above products on SAAS basis with very highly and available and secure cloud infrastructure. Both CONTENT MASTER and FLOWMASTER are available as stand alone as well as integrated products.

We also take up huge scanning services under this division using latest in scanning technologies. This is done a backlog conversion services. We have our own time proven processes for the backlog conversion services. We have also integrated all ISIS and TWAIN and compatible scanners to our CONTENT MASTER and FLOWMASTER. As a leader in technology, we have also integrated a 500 PPM open track scanner which is used for backlog conversion of millions of documents in a record time.